At Strata Health Group (SHG), we believe success is based on two things: a diverse and contemporary portfolio of affordable products, and collaboration with our marketing partners. Based in McKinney, Texas, SHG is a growing innovator with extensive experience in the insurance market. We work with associations and carriers to bring to market the most advantageous plans for individuals who need medical health insurance, as well as affordable alternatives.

Our rare combination of capabilities and experience, coupled with deep industry roots, makes us an optimal partner for growth-focused brokers and agents. Each call center/agency gains access to a portfolio of product offerings based on its licensing and capabilities. Regardless of the product, it is worth your while to represent our solutions. We are easy to work with, and we make it simple to sell our limited medical, short-term medical, hospital indemnity, accident and sickness and other supplemental insurance plans.

SHG is committed to helping you fully capitalize on the opportunities created by these products. We also support you in managing your business, while minimizing your administrative time and costs. More importantly, our Finance team ensures that commission schedules are set-up properly and you are paid as promised.


Insured Products


Non-Insured Products